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I've always loved how the smallest tools can create the biggest visual change to my projects. On this occasion, I was inspired by a number of my creative peers (I call them 'upcyclists') and decided to indulge in messing around with Frog tape (masking tape) to see what I could do with a vintage side table I had picked up.

This table is the sort of multi-purpose furniture I love - a small furnishing, with storage drawers and a lower shelf for further optionality. What isn't there to love? The table was traditional in style, with scalloped edges and brass drawer pulls, reminiscent of early century furniture, but I was ready to mix this up. I love using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as it provides great coverage with only one coat and for this project I decided to use the classic Old Ochre, paired with the eye catching and modern Provence

I wanted to ensure the painted table top was protected and sealed. I discovered Polyvine waxes and varnishes earlier this year and haven't looked back. On this occasion I used two to three quotes of their wax finish varnish in 'satin' for a silky yet durable finish to lovingly preserve this piece of furniture. In liquid form, the varnish is so easy to use so would highly recommend as an alternative to traditional waxes. It can be brushed on and cleans very easily, as well as being heat and water resistant.

The drawer pulls had seen better days and decided to polish them up rather than replace them. Using a small amount of vinegar I soaked each handle for 3-5mins and then buffed them clean. Such a simple element but made a big difference.

This item isn't for everyone but if like me you like unique pieces, you will hopefully appreciate it. I knew it would appeal to someone, and so it did as it sold on its first outing to a local vintage fair.

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